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Insight Out

Seeing beyond what is visible

Birthday bumps

Every year the day before my birthday I seem to get super emotional over nothing. Today is the last day of me being 28 years old. I stupidly bumped my nose against the edge of the table when I picked something up of the floor. The pain was sharp and went away quickly. My emotional […]

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Music to my body

While taking a shower today I suddenly had the idea to put on some music again. Strangely enough I fill my days with lots of sounds, but very rarely it is music. There is always something in the background playing. Youtube with a bad soap or a great inspirational speaker, podcasts stuffed with bullshit or […]

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My promise for when queen Corona leaves the building

One of the things I’ve learnt in this corona times – I consciously call it corona TIMES. I don’t want to call it a crisis, or a lock down or anything else that colours my experience. I’m well aware of the power of my words and the impact I create with language. (If you want […]

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Needed vs useful

Queen Corona is ruling the planet and my ego is stepping up her game. Times like these, when life is turned upside down are the best times to meet your ego and get to know yourself from the Insight Out. 😉 Oh, forgive me for name dropping my own business here… 🙂 Friday the 13th […]

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ASS out of U and ME

Last week I transformed one of my big stumbling blocks. It happened while sitting on a train. And it didn’t even hurt or cost me energy. The train back home had a 10, then 20 and later 35 minutes delay. Together with me there was only one other person in the cabine. The announcements were […]

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Discovery in the dark

50 pair of feet shuffle on a concrete floor. An equal amount of hands clap on the beat of a popular 90s song. I spin around and around. I wave my arms and hope I won’t hit someone. I keep my eyes closed although I know it is pitch dark around me. The freedom of […]

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