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Insight Out

Seeing beyond what is visible

ASS out of U and ME

Last week I transformed one of my big stumbling blocks. It happened while sitting on a train. And it didn’t even hurt or cost me energy. The train back home had a 10, then 20 and later 35 minutes delay. Together with me there was only one other person in the cabine. The announcements were […]

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Discovery in the dark

50 pair of feet shuffle on a concrete floor. An equal amount of hands clap on the beat of a popular 90s song. I spin around and around. I wave my arms and hope I won’t hit someone. I keep my eyes closed although I know it is pitch dark around me. The freedom of […]

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Paralysing Who am I?

Lately, the paralysing questions “Who am I?” or “What do I want?” make me tired and mutinous. I refuse to answer those questions. I become rebellious when I see friends around me struggle with those questions. I want to scream in their ear: “Stop! It does not matter!” In spiritual circles you also here: “What […]

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The self made box

Jealousy and irritation, judgement and envy. I know them very well. My skinny and long legged female friends made me feel that way very often. Or should I say “I made myself feel that way very often”? This morning I had a phone call with a friend and former client of mine. She shared how […]

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Sighted Saturdays

On a dinner party last week a young guy asked me: “How is it to be blind? It was my biggest fear when I would hurt my eye. I think I wouldn’t survive. I would not want to live anymore.” I was touched by how open and vulnerable he asked me this question. And I […]

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The bubble of the one perfect life

Do you also have those moments where you realise you were living in a bubble? You saw something as true that afterwards turns out to be totally different. Sometimes I am so convinced that a conversation is gonna be so annoying, that I am totally surprised if it turns out the other way. I was […]

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