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Insight Out

Seeing beyond what is visible

Needed vs useful

Queen Corona is ruling the planet and my ego is stepping up her game. Times like these, when life is turned upside down are the best times to meet your ego and get to know yourself from the Insight Out. 😉 Oh, forgive me for name dropping my own business here… 🙂 Friday the 13th […]

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ASS out of U and ME

Last week I transformed one of my big stumbling blocks. It happened while sitting on a train. And it didn’t even hurt or cost me energy. The train back home had a 10, then 20 and later 35 minutes delay. Together with me there was only one other person in the cabine. The announcements were […]

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Discovery in the dark

50 pair of feet shuffle on a concrete floor. An equal amount of hands clap on the beat of a popular 90s song. I spin around and around. I wave my arms and hope I won’t hit someone. I keep my eyes closed although I know it is pitch dark around me. The freedom of […]

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Paralysing Who am I?

Lately, the paralysing questions “Who am I?” or “What do I want?” make me tired and mutinous. I refuse to answer those questions. I become rebellious when I see friends around me struggle with those questions. I want to scream in their ear: “Stop! It does not matter!” In spiritual circles you also here: “What […]

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The self made box

Jealousy and irritation, judgement and envy. I know them very well. My skinny and long legged female friends made me feel that way very often. Or should I say “I made myself feel that way very often”? This morning I had a phone call with a friend and former client of mine. She shared how […]

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Sighted Saturdays

On a dinner party last week a young guy asked me: “How is it to be blind? It was my biggest fear when I would hurt my eye. I think I wouldn’t survive. I would not want to live anymore.” I was touched by how open and vulnerable he asked me this question. And I […]

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