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Insight Out

Seeing beyond what is visible

Photo: Mei Lan at work

© Zsofia Huray


“Mei Lan has the ability to really listen and by that is able to ask the right open questions at the right moment.

It still surprises me at the end of a session how I was able to get to such an insight and although I know that I’m doing the work myself, she is there to hold the space and without leading she is able to get me to the desired result.”

— Gunther Eerdekens

“In a very intelligent way and with the perfect amount of empathy Mei Lan has taught me to look at myself with a positive attitude.
I came, thanks to her coaching, to a very fundamental self reflection, which was very new to me; I finally brought myself home.”

— M. K.

“To gain real insights about yourself, in a clear and structured way, always with good quality explanations, but mostly through constructive, open and critical questions to yourself, that is what Mei Lan will help you with.”

— Tom Danssaert

“In this coaching I learnt to get in touch with my own power and I got a lot of input to also really use this power in daily life.
On this journey you learn how to become your own coach.”

— Anne-Marie Hansen