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Insight Out

Seeing beyond what is visible

Photo: Mei Lan at work at her computer

© Zsofia Huray

What is coaching

Imagine you’re hungry. I’ll come and coach you to get the meal you dream of. You’ll have to make the meal yourself.
I won’t cook it for you. I will come to your kitchen and ask you questions to clarify what you want, what you need to create it and I’ll be around to support you in taking each next step. I won’t get of your case until you have what your heart truly desires and what makes you feel alive. We’ll get any type of obstacle, sabotage, holding you back and unconscious patterns out of the way to make you the powerful creator of every meal, anytime, anywhere.

How it works?

A coaching session is nothing else than a powerful conversation between the client and coach.
I ask powerful questions and create awareness and clarity.
Consciousness coaching is a powerful combination of gaining insight about yourself and translating it into your daily life.
I am trained and certified by Creative Consciousness international and the International Coaching Federation. Besides my own experience in rising above circumstances I have over 100 hours of practise.
As I stand for growth and transformation, I continue the journey and am coached and mentored by several coaches myself.

What topics can I be coached on?

Every area of your life you feel you need and want:

  • more insight and clarity
  • move forward
  • gain control and power
  • have more fun and ease with it
  • unlock your real potential
  • heal and find peace


My clients so far vary from 17 to 70 years old.
As I always come from pure curiosity and have full trust in the wisdom of the client, I don’t need to be experienced in the topic you want to work on.
I am powerful in coaching and sharing my insights and vision with you from a total blank page.

Insight Out offers 2 types of coaching

1 on 1 Consciousness CoachingGroup Consciousness Coaching