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Insight Out

Seeing beyond what is visible

The bubble of the one perfect life

Do you also have those moments where you realise you were living in a bubble? You saw something as true that afterwards turns out to be totally different. Sometimes I am so convinced that a conversation is gonna be so annoying, that I am totally surprised if it turns out the other way. I was […]

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The assumption checking muscle

The first time people meet me they have a bunch of assumptions about what I can and can not do as blind person. Totally logical, I think. You come across something that you don’t know, blindness, and the next thing, you start creating various ideas and thoughts in your mind about how that life as […]

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The art of real presence and a scared Eddy

Recently I’m feeling overwhelmed. I feel like I’m juggling with 10 balls and keeping them all up in the air at once. I run from one thing to the other like a lunatic and my partner asks me daily to just breathe and sit down. A part of me is yelling to stop and stand […]

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The fighter in disguise

“First I will write the next chapter of my thesis, then I’ll make the phone call with a new client, while I finish the dishes and in the meantime I’ll make a plan for the packing and moving into the new house. After lunch I will have the Skype meeting while doing laundry. If I’m […]

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Dependency and connection

“When you feel energy flowing towards something, it actually is feeling love for it. The moment you give in to that love, you connect your own destiny with that something. Once your destiny is connected to it, you depend on it, so you are dependent.” This was the answer of one of my clients to […]

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Coaching the coach

As a coach I of course deeply believe that everyone should have a coach. This includes all the coaches themselves. So, I have had several coaches over the years who supported me to achieve my goals and become a better coach. My current coach has supported me in many different processes from relationship issues to […]

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