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Insight Out

Seeing beyond what is visible

“Life shrinks and expands in proportion to ones courage”

— Anaïs Nin

Photo: portrait Mei Lan

I’m Mei Lan Ng and professional consciousness coach.

*First name: Mei Lan, 2 words, 1 name
*Last name: Ng, Yes, just 2 letters 😉

My coaching business Insight Out creates awareness and insights supporting you to move into powerful actions. Through coaching I inspire people and make them get the very best out of life.

Becoming blind has been my biggest challenge and greatest gift.
It has taught me to overcome obstacles.
I trained myself to see beyond what is visible.
And I became unstoppable in living my life to the fullest.   

As a coach I stand for aliveness, trust and joy. 

“At some point in your life you will undergo at least one personal transformation that will shake the foundations of who you believe yourself to be.
Dive into it!
Dive deeply!
It is a necessary step for you to become who you are born to be.”

— Matheo Galatis