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High performance coaching

High performance coaching is a close and intense partnership between coach and client for a short period of time with one specific goal. 

Are you up for an intense journey with big jumps and great shifts?
Ready to put yourself under pressure to create your dream?
And looking for that piece of support to get you there?

As a high performance coach, I will be right there, next to you, talking you through the potential madness to find answers and solutions.

Less time will be spent in doubt or fear and more in action. Our actions determine our results and results is what you want.

How it works

1. Kick-off

We define your goal and the first steps towards it in the first one hour session. It will be crystal clear and measurable.

2. Follow up sessions

We will have regular one hour sessions to celebrate the steps you took, to make you stretch further into your potential and to plan the next steps towards your goal.
(weekly/every 5 days/… depending on the length of our partnership to be decided together)
This can be done F2F or via Skype/phone.

3. Speed coaching

Whenever something shows up in between the follow up sessions, we can have speed coaching over the phone or even texting.
These sessions are max. 5 minutes long. I will be to the point and sharp.

What you can expect from me

As your high performance coach, I will be:

  • Fully committed to you achieving your goal
  • At your service from 7AM – midnight during the agreed period of our partnership
  • Responding to e-mails, messages and phone calls within 1 hour
  • Navigating you past perceived obstacles
  • Strict and honest
  • Holding you accountable for your commitments
  • Putting you under pressure when needed
  • Making you run the extra mile when you think you can’t
  • Celebrating your successes with you!

What it costs?

  • Kick-off:  125 euro
  • Follow up sessions:  75 euro per session
    This includes the speed coachings after every follow up session. 

* The client covers additional costs made by the coach such as cellphone bills, transport if sessions are F2F, etc.

Ready to embark on this journey with me?

Send me an e-mail:
Call me: +32 472 65 68 30